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Don't Let Your Fast-Paced Career Run You Over

Custom coaching for executives and leaders in high-pressure industries

In Your Career

Achieve even more in your profession


Your Goals

Coaching and accountability

for success


In Your Personal Life

Don't miss important
family moments

Coaching For Leaders
In Fast-Paced Industries

Helping busy leaders excel
at work + at home

Leaders at all levels often worry that business and growth opportunities are passing them by. It feels impossible to balance the demands of their work with a personal life. With the right coach, approach and accountability, you can advance and leave a legacy in your chosen industry without sacrificing family time, hobbies and health.

Business Meeting

Can This Coaching Really Work For Me?

You’ve risen in the ranks of your chosen profession, yet want to achieve even more while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. It’s challenging to keep up with professional and personal goals while juggling a never-ending to-do list.

You need someone who can help you visualize your greatest goals and help you achieve them.


I understand the high demands on leadership and what it’s like to face a mountain of pressure! I, too, have been determined to excel and make significant contributions. It’s why I coach executives and leaders in fast-paced, demanding industries. I want to see them thrive professionally and personally!

"Theresa is a great example of a fantastic coach (and a great listener) with pragmatic solutions. She was extremely customer focused, diligent, and results driven. I would gladly give my highest recommendation for Theresa to any company and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again."

- VP, Orange County, CA

"Theresa's coaching has made a profound difference in my business and personal life. She is insightful, empathetic, and helped me get focused on the actions needed to reach my goal. I am now in execution phase and could not have gotten here without Theresa's coaching."

President, Sonora, CA

3 Easy Steps to Win

in Your Career and Your Life




Schedule an appointment to review your goals and challenges

Receive customized coaching tailored to your needs

Achieve your objectives and become a more confident, successful, and engaged leader

3 Easy Steps to Win

in Your Career and Your Life

Great leader.
Great life.

Don’t let business opportunities or personal joy pass you by because you feel overwhelmed by daily demands. Advance in your industry

without sacrificing health, family time, and hobbies.

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