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Manage the Rapid Pace of the High-Tech Industry with Ease

Custom coaching for high-tech executives

Lead Your Organization

Gain more confidence

in your leadership and team development skills

Handle the Pressure

Manage the ever-changing marketplace and demand for quick decisions

Thrive Personally

Grow in your personal relationships with family and friends

Reaching a Deal
Happy Family in Nature

Coaching For Leaders In


Helping busy executives excel

at work + at home

Leaders in the high-tech field often find themselves thrust into a leadership role with little training. I coach executives and senior leaders in how to manage their organizations for greater business success while growing in their personal relationships.

Glass Conference Room

It is Possible to Thrive in the Pressure-Filled,

Ever-Changing High-Tech Industry

You want to disrupt the high-tech industry with your ideas and products. You also have to manage the quick pace of change while leading your teams extremely well. It’s hard to do that when faced with the pressures of being first to market and worrying you don’t have the necessary leadership skills. You feel overwhelmed with the pace. I understand what it’s like to want to be savvy technically and excel as a leader.


My customized coaching program guides high-tech executives in how to handle the pressure of the increasing pace of change, less than ideal team dynamics, and the demand for quick decisions.  

"My team and I had the pleasure working with Theresa Swift. Her direct & disciplined approach and her caring style bring out the best from the team she works with. Theresa is a great example of a fantastic coach (and a great listener) with pragmatic solutions. She was extremely customer focused, diligent, and results driven. I would gladly give my highest recommendation for Theresa to any company and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again." 

– CEO, CTO, Power Generation & Transmission, Orange County, CA

3 Easy Steps to Win

in Your Career and Your Life




Schedule an appointment to review your goals and challenges

Receive customized coaching tailored to your needs

Take action on your goals & have more confidence and greater results as a leader

A Balanced Life is a Happy Life

Stop stressing over deadlines and instead learn to better manage your leadership skills and priorities for greater success and effectiveness.

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