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When Your Top Executives Are At Their Best, Your Company Thrives

Custom coaching for leaders overseeing
fast-growth and heavy-challenge areas

Invested Leaders   | |   Increase performance   | |   Prevent Turnover

Are You Effectively Supporting Your Leadership Team? 

Your executives and vice presidents want to do well. But in the face of mounting demands and high-stakes situations, they struggle to keep up. They might even leave your organization, taking other key team members with them.

Don't sit by and watch that happen. 

To be the leader of a successful organization, you need a team of executives performing at their best. 


Strengthen The Leaders Working Hard for Your Organization 

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Many executives struggle with how to best support their senior leaders. As an executive coach, Theresa Swift partners with organizations to support their high-performing leaders, which leads to greater employee productivity, engagement and retention. 

Theresa has helped dozens of organizations navigate their most pressing challenges and fastest-growing areas. With a personalized approach, she helps organizations dial in on what matters the most right now, so their executives are supported and the organization thrives. 

Executive Coaching to Effectively Navigate Growth & Change

When your executives and senior leaders are supported, it trickles down through the organization. 

Demonstrated coaching success in a variety of business scenarios:  

  • In mergers or acquisitions, foster a new culture while reducing turnover and anxiety.

  • A perk for hard-to-replace roles or specialized positions you can’t afford to lose.

  • Help newly minted executives manage their transition.

  • Invest in those leading your most innovative areas.

  • Assist leaders in navigating large changes during uncertain and tumultuous times. 

  • Improve key performance metrics..

Don't let your best people slip away. Executive coaching is the solution.

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Organizational Success Starts With Great Leaders

"My team and I had the pleasure working with Theresa Swift. Her direct & disciplined approach and her caring style bring out the best from the team she works with. Theresa is a great example of a fantastic coach (and a great listener) with pragmatic solutions. She was extremely customer focused, diligent, and results driven. I would gladly give my highest recommendation for Theresa to any company and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again." 

– CEO, CTO, Power Generation & Transmission, Orange County, CA

3 Steps to Helping Your Executives
Be Their Best 




Schedule an Appointment

Together we'll review your goals and challenges

Pinpoint your most pressing needs

We’ll determine who on your leadership team is handling critical projects that cannot fail

Watch the organization succeed

With a coach by their side, your leaders get the support they need to fine-tune their effectiveness and take the business to new heights


Equip Your Leaders to Help You Build Something Great

Creative Office

You are the leader of a highly successful organization. That means you need a team of executives performing at their best. The problem is when C-suite executives and vice presidents are faced with an unusual amount of stress, uncertainty and transition, it’s harder for them to make their best decisions.

As a result, those top leaders are feeling tired, frustrated and on the edge of burn out. The last thing you want is for your key leaders to feel disengaged and disconnected from their work.


Give your leaders the support and tools they need. A seasoned leadership coach, Theresa Swift partners with your organization so you successfully navigate high-challenge, high-growth periods. 

When leaders feel valued, appreciated and supported, the organization thrives.

Supported Leaders Create Organizational Success

Stop wondering why something isn’t working in your organization. By cultivating your leaders, you’re improving everyone from the top down. 

And when employees are productive and engaged, the business grows. 

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