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Coaching For Busy Medical Professionals & Execs

Helping busy medical professionals
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Physicians, nurses, medical leaders, and other medical professionals face the daily stress of important decisions, often life-or-death decisions, on top of normal workplace demands. I coach busy medical professionals on how they can rediscover joy in their work and life.

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It is Possible to Thrive in the Pressure of

the Medical Industry

You’ve sacrificed so much to become a medical professional. You deserve to end each day feeling rewarded and fulfilled. Your work should give you energy to spend time with family, friends and hobbies. Yet, too often you feel as if you’re simply going through the motions.

My customized coaching program helps you navigate the pressures of the medical industry. You can have both a successful, meaningful career and fulfilling personal life.

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42% of Physicians Practicing in the US Report Feeling Burned Out

Burnout is defined as a "long-term unresolvable job stress that leads to exhaustion and feeling

overwhelmed, cynical, detached from the job and lacking a sense of personal accomplishment."

Medscape, 2021

(12,339 physicians, 29+ specialties)

"I have found that Theresa’s leadership coaching has not only supported me in my professional endeavors, it translates personally as well.  There have been several instances in which I’ve received feedback that I don’t quite understand or haven’t made the connection from action to performance perceptions.  Being able to talk through scenarios, understand the “nuts and bolts” of personality types, leadership styles and perhaps the gearing of higher levels of administration, makes navigating more objective and science based as opposed to getting lost in the subjectivity and not knowing how to maneuver.  When you can look at a situation and ask yourself “what” as opposed to “why” you can reframe your thinking and turn something perceived to be out of your control into pieces you can influence.  These are some of the basic principles I’ve learned through working with Theresa. 


… Working with Theresa, who takes the time to learn, understand your core values and style, can again make something that feels abstract very real and palpable.  For example, completing a strengths finder assessment and DiSC profile and leveraging that information to pin point why I may have a difficult time with certain topics or styles has been crucial.  … Being able to understand the root of a reaction/feeling allows you to put actions into place to address the response.


I’ve immensely appreciated the conversations around applying these tools and feel that this relationship is absolutely invaluable to a developing and seasoned leader.  Theresa can support a very unbiased and well balanced conversation around strengths and opportunities and is a resource worth tapping into…….with frequency." 


- Cauryn Updegraff, MSN, RN

Director of Emergency and Trauma Services

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